At sea and on land, Setur Marinas privileges are always with you.


Setur Marinas advantages never end. Take advantage of our chain campaigns while sailing to the seas you have missed!
That Marina’s Yours, This Marina’s Mine
With your annual contract, you can stay at every marina for 30 days, making it 270 days of mooring free of charge.
Travel, Travel and Win!
After 30 days of free mooring, 60 days at 50%. The 50% discount stay is a gift for your 30 days annual contract.
Three Marinas with One Contract
The Opportunity to stay in 3 different marinas with contracts that a total of 12 months.
The Advantages for New Boats Never End
In the annual mooring contract, 10 % discount for the first year, 5% discount for the second year, free drydock and towing services.
Your Daily Contracts in the Piggy Bank
There’s a discount for an annual contract equal to the number of days you pay for daily contracts.
Earn While You Sell Your Boat
Boats for sale under yearly contract are eligible for 2 free lifts and after sale a contract transfer and 50% discount.
Many Happy Discounts of the Year
2% discount for each year, 20% for the 10th year, 25% for the 11th year and beyond.
Earn With Your Friend
Every friend you bring to Setur Marinas for an annual contract earns you and your friend 30 days free mooring.
All Lifts Are Yours
Free drydock, towing and launching services at Setur Marinas where you can’t park boats on land.
Road Assistance
Your annually contracted boat is eligible for free drydock in case of emergency and 50% discounts for towing and launching.