Integrated Service for Yachters: Ören Rib & Refit Park

Setur Marinas, aiming to provide yachtsmen with a high-quality, integrated and comprehensive land parking service, made its initial investment in this area with the establishment of Ören Rib & Refit Park.

INTERVIEW: Kadir Pirasoğlu

Turkey is a paradise for sea enthusiasts with its long coastline and rich maritime history. Although the maritime sector has developed rapidly with the increasing number of boats in our country in recent years, the lack of accommodation and winterization facilities is still one of the most important issues for boat owners. Especially when it comes to winterization, land parks stand out with the maintenance-repair and price advantages they offer. Setur Marinas, which carries out important projects in the marina sector and has many marinas on our coastline, launched its first facility in this field, Ören Rib & Refit Park, in August 2023. Located on an area of 22 thousand square meters, the facility, which has a capacity of approximately 150 boats depending on boat size, is close to popular yachting destinations such as Bodrum and Akyaka and two kilometers from the shipyard area. We learned about the establishment story of Ören Rib & Refit Park, facility investments and future plans from Setur Marinas General Manager Emre Doruk.

Can you tell us the story of the establishment of Ören Rib&Refit Park?

In recent years, interest in the maritime sector has increased significantly in our country. In response, we at Setur Marinas continue to invest and undertake important projects within the marina sector. Land park management is a crucial component of marina operations. Our initial strategy was to establish a land parking facility integrated with our marinas to offer affordable services to yachtsmen. Accordingly, we launched our first investment in this field, Ören Rib & Refit Park, in August 2023.

What are the highlights of the facility?

At Setur Marinas, we aim to enhance the sector with added value and high-quality standards, and we extend our brand identity to land parking areas. This commitment sets Ören apart. Additionally, many boat owners prefer to keep their vessels on land during the winter months. For example, 8-10 meter RIB vehicles, which are commonly chosen, are usually not docked in marinas. Safety, maintenance, and repair are critical aspects of boating. Therefore, we have established a facility in Ören where we can safely address all these needs outside of the marinas.

What services are offered in and around the land parking area?

At Ören Rib & Refit Park, we provide comprehensive services for winterization, boat maintenance, and repair, all under one roof. Our 240-ton capacity Croc Lift enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance, repair, and storage processes, especially for large-tonnage boats. With our Travel Lift, we can handle boats up to 25 meters long and 6.3 meters wide. Additionally, our 60-ton boat transporter operates efficiently on land. We offer refit services for boats up to 50 meters in our twin indoor hangars, each spanning 2,200 square meters, and for boats up to 30 meters in a secondary hangar of 700 square meters. These areas are supported by fully equipped workshops that cater to various needs such as painting, engine maintenance, mechanical, electrical, carpentry, and fiberglass work. We also provide electricity and water services to all boats on site with state-of-the-art pedestals. Through these services, Rib & Refit Park aims to deliver a comfortable and reliable experience for its customers.

What are the safety measures and maintenance standards at the facility?

We offer a structure equipped with advanced technology for security. Thanks to high-resolution security cameras, we can continuously monitor every point of our facility. We also made our facility safer by renewing our fire infrastructure. We keep our maintenance standards at the highest level, supported by modern technology.

You recently added a 240-ton Croc Lift to your machinery-equipment park in the facility. What kind of capability will this give you?

The 240-ton capacity Croc Lift, which was added to our Travel Lift, makes the maintenance, repair and storage processes of especially large tonnage boats more effective and efficient. Thus, we are able to disembark boats up to 50 meters in length from the 70-meter long ramp. Another capability it offers us is that we can now offer services to catamaran boats without any width limitations. This allows us to appeal to a wider customer base in land parking services.

What are your policies on environmental sustainability and environmental protection?

Sustainability is among the core values of our business. Our environmental strategy plan is based on prioritizing global environmental issues as material risks and realizing environmentally sensitive investments. In this context, we determine our environmental strategies by taking into account issues such as climate crisis, plastic pollution, depletion of natural resources and loss of biodiversity. We are already in a position to offer more environmentally friendly options such as renewable energy. In this direction, Ören Rib & Refit Park follows a comprehensive environmental protection policy that aims to minimize its environmental impact and protect the ecosystem. First of all, we reduce our carbon footprint by implementing green technologies. We produce projects on treatment technologies, especially supporting recycling processes.

Are there any advantages you offer to yachters?

Yes, one of the features that distinguishes Ören Rib & Refit Park from other drydocks is that yachters who receive service from this facility have significant advantages at all Setur Marinas. In addition to seven days of free time at Setur Marinas, yachters can benefit from the "design your contract" campaign, which gives them the opportunity to spend part of their one-year contract here and part of it at our marinas' marine areas at affordable prices.

What are your future plans? Will your innovations and developments in this field continue?

As Setur Marinas, our focus is always on growth and development. We maintain this focus on our future plans for Ören. Within this framework, we aim to strengthen the facility infrastructure and improve service quality by utilizing technology. We will also increase the capacity of the land parking area, expand and diversify the services we offer. This growth and capacity increase will also contribute to the economic and tourism potential of the sector by providing more opportunities and access. We will continue our efforts to make Ören Rib&Refit Park a more modern, user-friendly and environmentally friendly facility. We see land park management as a new business model and are evaluating different growth alternatives in the right locations and under favorable conditions.