Setur Marinas participated in Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina Conference with its sustainability projects

As the leading marina operator of Türkiye focusing on sustainability in all its operations, Setur Marinas participated in the Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina Conference, which was held for the third time this year on 24-25 September, with its special project of Ayvalık Marina.

Organised by Monaco Marina Management, and attended by many companies from around the world, the Smart and Sustainable Marina conference brings together key players, investors, marina developers, architects, manufacturers, and innovators to promote the development of environmentally responsible, efficient, and user-friendly marinas.

In the event, which was organised for the third time this year, Setur Marinas Ayvalık Marina Manager Süleyman Ercan also made a speech about the renovated Ayvalık project.

Having stated his pleasure to be present at the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Conference, where seminal issues on sustainability in the sector were discussed, projects and ideas were shared and participant companies across the world made their contributions, Süleyman Ercan continued his speech as follows:

“As Setur Marinas, we are starting to use zero emission vehicles to strengthen our commitment to sustainability. We will not only carry on our corporate collaborations and training practices, but also offer climate crisis-themed events to our employees and customers on a yearly basis. We will continue to extend our support for university biodiversity research with Setur Marinas Ayvalık as well.”

At the conference which was also attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco, Süleyman Ercan expressed the followings about Ayvalık Marina in terms of sustainability and marina business: “In 2023, we ceased the use of single-use plastics for our marina staff. Additionally, Setur Marinas & Koç System developed the Smartium Clean Project. This innovative project revolutionizes pollution control by cleaning floating waste from the water using autonomous and manual devices. It once again demonstrates our commitment to protecting the environment and working towards a sustainable future.”

Setur Marinas Technical Services Group Manager İlker Öngül served as a jury member in the session where start-up projects were evaluated.

Setur Marinas will increasingly continue and improve its efforts focusing on sustainability.